No one is too young or too old to ride with us.  We're here to exercise and have fun.   AND nobody gets left behind!      Join us. 

We don't need dirt or gravel to explore -- all we need is a bike and a safe, predetermined route.  Join us on our MWF bike rides, or sign up for a joint venture doing local area weekend tours, etc.

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We at times organize an "out of state" ride/tour.  They're put together by our club members.



The founder of the Bella Vista Bike Club, Edwin R. Pugsley, 92, died March 24, 2018 in Iowa. Ed was born May 14, 1925 in Des Moines. Upon retirement in 1987, Ed and his wife Bonnie moved to Bella Vista, Arkansas and back to Iowa to be near family in 2014. Ed enjoyed reading, baking bread, and exercise classes, but most of all, cycling. He organized the YMCA Bike Club in 1968, the Pugsley Invitational touring group in 1975, and the Bella Vista Bike Club in Arkansas in 1988. He completed the 4450 mile TransAmerica Route and rode on the first RAGBRAI in 1973. Ed logged 106,000 miles in 52 years of cycling.      www.legacy.com/obituaries/desmoinesregister/obituary.aspx?n=edwin-r-pugsley&pid=188577979&fhid=13078