The Bella Vista Bike Club is an informal group of bicyclists who enjoy cycling and socializing with one another.

Helmets are required on all club rides !

The club is currently led by its President, Steve Slagle.  A dedicated group of members keep the club vigorous with their voluntary support.  They plan parties, tours, picnics, and all manner of other activities that make the club one of the best in NW Arkansas.  The club has about fifteen members; five to eight ride regularly; the rest may come to other events.

Club members meet for rides on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  There are three ride starting points:  H >First Baptist Church in Hiwasse, B >Blowing Springs RV Park near Lake Bella Vista, and  J >Player's Connection quanset hut, Rains Road Jane, MO.  The Monthly Ride Calendar is posted on the last page of this website: or the Facebook page: bellavistabikeclub.  We also have a club email account:

Ride start times depend on the season of the year:

            8:00 a.m.  June, July, August
            9:00 a.m.  May, September, October
          10:00 a.m.  November through April

We normally do not ride if it is raining, snowing, or below 40 degrees.  Use your own personal judgment about attending.  We attempt to make email contact on iffy days.  We don’t have a roll call, but we do try to leave on time.  Our average riding speed is 12-17 mph, but the wind direction and hills may cause that to vary some. Rides vary a lot but we generally like 25-30 miles, regularly 30-38 miles and a couple of times a month 42-50 miles. 

Though not annually we at times have worked out a week-long bike ride/tour.  Thus far we have toured in Texas, Vermont, Mississippi, Missouri, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana and Arizona/Utah.  Non-riding spouses usually go along on these rides, driving Sag Wagons to haul luggage, shop, and have a good time on their own. 

The Bella Vista Bike Club also has several social events every year, plus picnic rides, to which non-riding spouses are invited.  Newcomers are always welcome.

The annual membership fee is $10 for each individual who rides. To join the club, contact Steve at  Be sure to include your address, phone number, and email so you can receive our Ride Calendar.

Contact Roger @ 479.866.6378​.

We still have a few CLUB JERSEYS AND SHORTS to sell:

Men’s Short Sleeve Jerseys: (2) L; (1) XL and (1) 2X

Men’s Bib Shorts:  (1) M and (1) L

Women’s Short Sleeve Jerseys: (1) S

Women’s Shorts: (1) L